Thursday, June 4, 2009

Round 2

Dear Friends and Family,

I am ready for round two today. I have recovered from the fatigue that the last round brought. Thank you for your continued prayers for healing. I am confident the medicine is working as I am beginning to experience other predicted side effects, such as hair loss. I got a "buzz" this past week, and a clean shave is not too far off.

I am working on my Telly Savalas imitations - "Who loves you, baby"?

I finished Lance Armstrong's biography "My Journey Back" about his fight with and victory over testicular cancer. It was inspiring even if we have different ideas about God and our spiritual reality. He said in the end that "pain is temporary, but quitting stays with you".

Please pray that the medicine does its work. I am looking forward to a clear CT scan after my third round later this month. Thank you again for your prayers and concern. It means a lot to me and my family.

In Christ alone,



  1. We are all here praying with you, friend.
    BTW, Telly is old school, man, way cool.
    Be happy you don't have a comb over!
    Barrett and Akemi

  2. Newt....Uncle Bub and I have been praying for you today. We will continue to do so. How are stitches coming along? Sorry to hear of all the problems this last weekend. Is Luke doing O.K.?

    We love you!

  3. We are praying for you - Jenn says being bald cuts your "prep time" every morning. We are headed to Indy this weekend to visit the kids. Just think if Lance Armstrong can come back like he has, what you can do with Christ by your side!
    Greg and Jenn