Friday, July 17, 2009

. . .and she gave me a Charlie Horse!

Dear Friends and Family,

My new picture reveals yet another hat I have received. This one comes from my sister, Elyse, a faithful prayer partner and consistent encourager through my cancer trial. She was concerned for my bald head burning in the hot Indiana summer sun, so she bought me a cowboy hat, a Charlie Horse Hat to be specific. 

It happens that today I will get to see my daughter, Jensen, ride in her third horse show down at the Indiana Fair grounds. So, I will be wearing my hat with pride, even though Jensen is an English saddle rider, not a rough riding western type.

My 4th treatment went fine yesterday. Although each one seems to be somewhat more of a burden to my system, I am pulling through them without many serious cumulative side effects. I am grateful. 

My blood counts were good, although the white cells continue to be lower, but not yet at a level that would prohibit treatment. My LDH (a non-specific cancer blood marker) was down considerably from my first test prior to treatment. This could be a good sign. I have a CT scan scheduled for July 30th that will reveal the damage done to the cancer by the 4 treatments when compared to the pre-treatment scan. I am praying that the scan is as clear as the Indianapolis sky was yesterday morning when I was walking my dog.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and kind thoughts.

In Christ alone,



  1. "Does the hat make the man look good" or "does the man make the hat look good"? Glad to hear that wear and tear on your system is limited. Hope Jensen had a wonderful ride! Prays and well wishes, Barrett and Akemi

  2. You look mighty fine in that hat, Newt! Love you, and I'll keep on praying. Hope you're feeling okay this week.

  3. Newt after spending a week at the county fair myself, I think you look ready for the rodeo. So, remember when you got yer hat on to "Cowboy Up!". To get in the right mind for this, Brennan Manning recommends in his book, 'The Furious Longing for God' meditating on this passage:

    I am my beloved's,And his desire is for me.
    (Song of Solomon 7:10)

    In His Grip,

  4. Hi Newt!
    Sending our prayers for a great report on the 30th! Our Chapel at the
    Beach continues to pray as well. Just returned from Younglives Camp
    in Arizona which was once again challenging but oh so rewarding to see
    young mom's lives change as God pours into them. I always think of the
    tremendous impact you, Susan and your parents have had on YL.
    What a blessing you are, Continue what you are doing! It's working!
    Carol Sage