Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trivia Time

Dear Friends and Family,

As you can see by my profile picture, I have a new photo and a new hat to cover up my increasingly hairless head!

The hat was compliments of my cousin, Mark Ferrara, who is like a brother to me. For me, this hat has significance which is why Mark knew to buy it.

Ok, all you baseball trivia nuts, here are the questions about this particular hat:

1. Which team (easy)?

2. What year/era (moderate)?

3. What longstanding record held by whom was broken by which player of this team during that era (hard)?

4. Extra credit: Can you provide exact statistics? Can you provide exact date? What was the opposing team name? Can you provide any interesting facts about this modern-day sports hero?

More hats are coming. . .I must say I have received a few interesting ones in the mail lately!

Thanks for your continued prayers. By God's grace, I am plodding through these middle innings, trying to get some good pitches to hit, trying to get on base and every once in a while even score a few runs.

In Christ alone,



  1. Com'on, this is a fastball right down the middle... 1)Atlanta Braves 2)1974/'70s 3)Career HRs, Babe Ruth, Hammerin' Hank Aaron 4)#715, early April of 1974, Al Downing of the LA Dodgers, Billy Buckner of '86 World Series infamy was in left field, a bullpen pitcher caught it (House?), #714 was hit the series before off of the Reds' Jack Billingham...I should stop now. Matthew is playing in the 11 year old Little League district v. Brownsburg at Zionsville Tuesday, July 7 at Zionsville. Much love and prayers from the Straders.

  2. The photo is a bit fuzzy, but here are my answers:
    1)Green Bay Packers?
    2)Late 60s?
    3)Consecutive starts - Brett Favre?
    I know, I have a one track mind!!

  3. Son,
    Oh yes, I remember it well even tho' I wasn't in the stands with you. But I'm sure Jay Burch has all the stats as well. That was a memorable time for an 11 (Jay) and 12 year old. You have our continual love and prayers. Dad

  4. Newt,
    Am I reading your dad's comments correctly -- were you there?!?!? Wow, and I thought it was cool to be watching on TV when he hit it.

    Our prayers continue for you, Susan and the kids. Happy Birthday Susan!

  5. Strader nailed it! Nice work! I remember Hank's homer - watched that game live.... and he did it without steroids!